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 About The Show

The purpose of this show is to bring love and family back to the radio. This show offers an opportunity for modern-day families the possibility of listening to a radio show that is suitable for the entire family. It will be safe entertainment that families can sit together and listen to.

This show will be filled with “Real Talk” about different topics of discussion every week. My mother and I will provide viewpoints that are based on our generational background. The show will include discussions based on morals and values that my great grandmother was taught in the early 1900’s by her mother, taught to my grandmother in the 40’s, then taught to my mom in the 60’s which she then taught to me in the 80’s.

Many of those values are still valid today through the years. Along with the serious viewpoints that these conversations will bring, it will be mixed in with laughter, tears, some Christian comedy, and testimonials. We will also spotlight new and local businesses, upcoming events in the community and church events in both Florida and Michigan.

Prayer & Inspiration Line

Please tune in on Monday thru Sunday from 6:00 AM until 6:30 AM

  • 515-604-9000

  • Access Code: 675891#

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